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Housing societies often face the challenge of securing funds for major repairs or redevelopment projects. In Mumbai, as buildings surpass the 13-year mark, the need for demolishing old structures and constructing new, modern buildings with enhanced amenities becomes imperative. Utilizing the available Floor Space Index (FSI) allows for the creation of more attractive and functional spaces.

Recognizing this need, district banks have introduced a groundbreaking approach, offering direct funding to housing societies and apartments for significant repairs. This eliminates the involvement of middlemen developers, streamlining the process and empowering societies to take charge of their own projects.

However, the financial burden associated with repairs or redevelopment projects is substantial, often exceeding the financial capacity of many housing societies. Enter BMD infra, offering excellent and prompt services to address funding challenges and guide societies through the entire procedure.

Whether it’s major repairs or a complete redevelopment, BMD infra is dedicated to assisting housing societies in securing necessary funds, ensuring a smooth process, and facilitating the successful completion of projects. Trust BMD infra for expert guidance, expedited services, and a comprehensive solution to your funding needs.

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