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At the core of our services lies Project Management, a skill honed through a deep understanding of our clients’ diverse needs. We tailor our approach, identifying the optimal service configuration to achieve specific client outcomes. Our solutions not only add value but also ensure timely project completion without deviations in cost.

Key Features:

  1. Client-Centric Solutions:
    • We meticulously identify and deploy services to meet client objectives, ensuring value addition for both developers and future occupants.
    • Our approach safeguards timely project completion while maintaining cost predictability.
  2. Industry-Leading Processes:
    • Our project management processes adhere to PMI guidelines, setting industry benchmarks for efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Constant innovation in methodologies reflects our commitment to cost savings, enhanced quality, and adherence to timelines.
  3. Translating Objectives to Success:
    • We translate client objectives into successful projects by integrating a comprehensive understanding of their goals.
    • Our commitment is to get it right the first time, offering effective on-site project management and impartial advice throughout the construction life cycle.
  4. Project Feasibility Assessment:
    • An initial assessment culminates in a Project Feasibility Report, guiding rational decision-making and assessing the financial potential of the project.
    • The report informs budgeting, providing insight into the funds required for redevelopment and highlighting the project’s potential benefits.
  5. Tendering and Developer Selection:
    • We meticulously handle the tendering process, from drafting to client approval, tender floatation, comparison, evaluation, and finalizing the developer.
    • Completion of the development agreement and legal formalities marks a seamless transition to the execution phase.
  6. Supervision and Quality Control:
    • Throughout execution, we maintain a vigilant eye on project progress, supervising work quality until completion and the defects liability period.
    • Our commitment to doing it right the first time ensures that the final outcome meets the highest standards.

In essence, our Project Management services go beyond industry norms, providing a holistic approach that considers client needs, industry best practices, and innovative methodologies, resulting in successful and cost-effective development and redevelopment projects.

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