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Liaison Services for Documentation Required for Self-Development/Redevelopment

Embarking on the journey of self-development or redevelopment is a time-consuming endeavor, often hindered by the complexity of obtaining necessary documentation. Many society members lack a clear understanding of the procedures involved in acquiring these essential documents. Our services aim to assist individuals in completing this intricate task, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Key Documents Required for Self-Development/Redevelopment:

  1. Society Registration Certificate
  2. Copy of Resolution
  3. Copy of C. S. Plan
  4. Copy of D. P Remark
  5. Copy of Inspection Extract
  6. Copy of Road Line Remark (Rd. Widening documents)
  7. Copy of Occupation Certificate
  8. Copy of Sanctioned/Approved Plans
  9. Copy of Property Card
  10. Copy of Ownership Proof (Copy of original purchase document of land)
  11. All Legal Documents Pertaining to Land & Building
  12. Individual Agreements of Members and Shops (If Any)
  13. Copy of Electricity & Property Tax Bill
  14. Copy of Water Tax Bill
  15. Copy of Existing Area Documents
  16. List of Society Members and Their Flat No.
  17. Flat/Shop Wise Carpet Area List

Additional Documents Required on a Case-to-Case Basis.

Many societies face challenges related to understanding their plot’s exact area or adherence to the layout during construction. This crucial information is essential for assessing the feasibility of the project. We provide support by conducting internal and external surveys, ensuring accurate data collection for a successful development or redevelopment endeavor.

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